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Fixed Focal Lens

We offer a compact, economical, high-quality selection of 1/3-inch manual iris, fixed focal length lenses. The lenses range from a 2.3 mm lens with an extra-wide field of view to an 8 mm lens with a normal view. For low light conditions the 2.3 and 2.8 mm lenses open to f1.4, and the 4 and 8 mm lenses open to f1.2.


  • CS Mount
  • For use with 1/3-Inch Format Cameras
  • Manual Iris, Manual Focus
  • High Resolution Power in Compact Body




Focal Length of the Lens can be changed as per site requirement for optimum results of CCTV Camera

( 3.5-8 mm , 5-50 mm )




Variety of Board Lenses are available ranging from 2.8 mm fish eye lens to 16 mm Lens as per requirement at site.

( 2.8 mm , 3.6 mm , 4 mm , 8 mm , 16 mm )